Iridian Tech is the International engineering company that is an official technical and trade representative of advanced manufacturers of all types of Iris and magnet  technology (sintered and bonded ferrites, NdFeB, and SmCo, sintered and cast Alnico, deformed FeCrCo, flexible magnets), various magnet related products. The company team includes also a few R&D centers located globally.

The company provides professional assistance to both consumers and manufacturers of magnetic materials to develop specifications that will ensure both optimal properties and manufacture-ability of requested product.

Iridian technical assistance to customers begins from the initial R&D stages helping them to obtain pilot batches of necessary magnetic materials at lowest cost.

Offering both physical access and information security products, Iridian Technologies secures your enterprise from doorway to desktop.

Case Study: Use of magnets in new introduce bakery mixers and cupcake dispensers. Visit for more info.

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