The company is representing International global partners that include:

  • Advanced manufacturers of various magnets, appropriate raw materials and equipment for magnet production
  • Iris Technology
  • Well-known R&D centres
  • Famous individuals who is supporting the company on every day basis
  • Experienced consultants who had been working in magnet industry for decades

The company is offering:

Cutting edge Iris technology and a wide variety of magnets and magnet related products starting from raw materials and up to final electro-engineering devices based on application of permanent magnets; equipment for individual steps of magnet production or the whole processing lines; testing devices and simulation software.

Iris recognition from Iridian Technologies is the most accurate, non-invasive, and easy-to-use biometric for secure authentication and positive identification.

The list of products for regular supply includes the following:

  • Physical Access
  • Authentication Server
  • Bonded ferrite magnets
  • Flexible magnets
  • Software and computerized products